Helping Those in Need!

One of the greatest revival chapters in the whole Bible, Isaiah 58, brings to light our duty as followers of God to be His helping hands in the world, to relieve the suffering we see around us, and to care for those of humanity who are in greater need than us! God expects us to lift up our fellow men and to help them out of difficult places. What will be our part in this very special work?

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Children at well in Kenya

Projects to Think About

Below here are some projects to think about. I first became aware of the Kisii Kids' project mentioned in links below by meeting brother Stevenson Maranga through a mutual friend on Facebook several years ago. We've since had many conversations and I also had the chance to visit Kenya for a three week mission trip in March of 2012. I was able to become quite familiar with the Kisii Kids' project first hand, and also to meet the operator of the Gracious Lord missions project as well. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to take up the work of caring for others and lifting up the downtrodden which lies nearest to you. Maybe you'll also be inspired to look for and to search out more genuine causes needing support throughout the world around us. You might even feel a desire to help out with some of the specific needs listed below. If you would like to know how you can help out with any of the specific projects mentioned below, please contact me about it or simply make a donation by Paypal. Some of their needs are ever changing, but others hold some constancy.

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Kisii Kids' - meal time

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Gracious Lord Children